Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 3A

Before starting a new project brainstorming is highly important. There are several types of brainstorming techniques, a few are mind mapping and mood boards. Mind mapping is also called "radiant thinking" which is a form of mental research that allows designers to quickly explore the score of a given problem, topic or subject area. To begin mind mapping it starts with a central term or idea that designers quickly plot out associated images and or concepts. In class our word was October and this is my outcome from that single term. 

Another type of brainstorming is called mood board or in simple terms setting the mood for what your project or document might look like without using the images on the mood board. Mood boards are a visual starting point to keep come up with ideas to help with the end result. The definition of a mood board is a proven technique used to organize ideas and inspiration in the early stages of production. Mood boards will help you pin down the visual feeling and direction of your work. Whether on the web or in print. Benefits of using mood boards is organization, jump start of creativity with a quick reference guide, and makes it easy to share early concepts with clients and colleagues. Some elements you might find on a mood board would be typefaces or fonts, color palettes, illustrations, designs, photos, and textures or patterns. 

For my mind mapping sheet I took one column from my plots and used it to create a mood board with the idea of October. 

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