Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 1B

Today in class we have several little lectures. First we discussed about operating systems and who started OS,  Apple started OS and hardware on its own and then Microsoft created their own software and IBM had the hardware so they became partners and Microsoft put their operating system on IBM's hardware. The next lecture was focused on short cuts with Macs and ways to become more efficient.  Then next we talked about file sizes and how much storage can be in a bit verses a gigabyte. After knowing a file size, we talked about file formats and know how to save file and what format they should be saved in. For example a .tiff is a tagged image file normally for photographs and used for scanning and printing and a .jpeg is a Joint Photographic Experts Group which is a compressed image file format often used for photographs on the web. Some other formats are .txt, .pdf, .gif, and .doc. Then after our small lectures we were introduced to Illustrator.

In illustrator we learned the basics of some of the tools and how illustrator is a vector program mean its mostly a graphic drawing program specific to color, start and end points, and applied to line segments, type and tints. We then had an Illustrator Exercise where we had to create an 8.5 by 11 document only using black circles to create an interesting composition using the principles that were learned in 2D-Design such as harmony, variety, balance, proportion, dominance, movement and economy.

Here's a picture of the completed project!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 1A

Today was the first day of taking Digital Theory and Skills with James Pannafino at Millersville University. To basically sum up our class today we read over the syllabus and place a student contract into Illustrator Adobe as a pdf so you could add text to the spaces that were blank!

Things I look forward to learning in this class are building more knowledge about design skills and learning more about the web and knowing what makes a professional website over a non professional website. Coming into this class I thought there would be a lot of printing but now most of the projects we will complete over the summer will be online.

Check back into my blog to see progress in my work and posts!