Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 2- Outside of Class

Part of our weekly homework is to watch videos for essential training in Illustrator. Some videos I watched were working with color, working with fills and strokes, and working with paths. Under the color videos it talked about RGB and CMYK these are two different type of color pallets. RGB is red, green, and blue mostly seen in televisions, computer screens and tablets; designers use these colors when they are creating documents strictly for the web or screen. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black these colors are used for any type of print. CMYK is simply taking those four colors and overlaying one another to create other colors for print. In another video it talked about fills, strokes and how you can take objects and fill them with color or keep the outline of the object and only the stroke is shown with no fill. In illustrator understanding paths and anchor points are very important. Paths are the skeleton outline of objects or a line between two anchor points. Anchor points are the joints that hold the skeleton together or tell where the start and end of a path is. There are several different type of anchor points such as selected points, and control handles which mostly works with curved lines. With paths you can have closed or open paths. With paths that are closed you can join them or average them to create closed paths. To create open paths from closed paths you can use the scissors tool or knife tool to cut the closed path into two objects. The scissors tool creates clean cuts and the knife tool make curved cuts unless you hold (option + drag).

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