Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 1 -Outside of Class

Before jumping head first into a swimming pool you must test the waters by learning how to swim first. This is basically the same thing as using Illustrator. Before creating a work of art you must know the basics of Illustrator and master the tools to be able to produce the outcome you wish for.  You can either teach yourself the steps or use videos that show you the steps. One program that has it’s own source of videos and tutorials that you can try is Lynda teaches all different levels from beginner to advance levels to meet the needs and questions for designers. Some videos I have watched talk about the different panels such as the tools panel that talks about the tools, control panels which brings up the controls for each tool then there is the panel system which operates all the heavy lifting in Illustrator where you can find color, layers, swatches, brushes and much more. 

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