Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 11B

Today we were supposed to learn more about HTML and CSS by watching videos on A basic definition of each is that HTML is a language that which allows computers to communicate between one another. HTML means hypertext markup language and its created by links that make up the web. And CSS is a style sheet language developed to control the presentation of markup language. In other words HTML is the structure of the building and CSS is the skin or outside of the building to give its structure an appearance.  Although you can create style within HTML it is more efficient to complete in CSS as a style sheet because in the end you will only have to change one file of CSS rather than 20 files of html. Most of HTML should contain the link to connect to your CSS file, and most of your body copy everything else can be done within CSS. Two important elements are IDs and classes to identify elements within your files. There are lots of elements that you can add to your files like changing the background, adding fonts, adding images, using images as links and creating layouts. Doing this type of language is very technical and may seem complicated. I believe by practicing this several times that it won’t seem so overwhelming due to all the code formats and rules. 

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