Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 10- Outside of Class

In class we picked a designer who appealed to us and research them for our next project. A brief explanation of our next project is created a web page layout about our designers.

I choose Louise Fili...

As a New York based graphic designer Louise Fili is a women of many specializes in the art world. As an American graphic designer Louise Fili specializes in packaging, restaurant, logo and book design. She started out by receiving a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus of studio art from the Skidmore College. During her time at Skidmore, students either choose painting or graphic design which lead Louise to graphic design since her teacher was graphic design and guided Louise into the design world. Louise also decided to focus in graphic design because she began a love for letterform, calligraphy and books. Fili gained knowledge by attending the School of Visual Arts for a brief amount of time. In her career Louise has designed over 2,000 book jackets. She has received several gold and silver medals from the “Society of Illustrators” and the “New York Art Director Club”. As a well-known designer Louise receives opportunities to talk at lectures on graphic design and typography. Her work is also displayed in permanent collections at the Library of Congress, the Cooper Hewitt Museum and the Bibliotheque Nationale. Some well-known identities or works of design that Louise had designed is for Tiffany & Co., The Mermaid Inn, Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and the book Scripts. Some things that have inspired her work are type, food and everything Italian. Louise bases all of her designs off of those 3 subjects, which allows her work to have a sense of style especially when it comes to Louise designing for restaurants. Her style is a very cohesive, clean and organic appearance. Growing up she took art courses not knowing what she wanted to do but she was fascinated with typography, which lead her to teach herself calligraphy. During her time in New York before working for Herb, Louise realized she had a passion for designing books for 11 years. Louise approached design covers with type as a logo instead of using type treatments on standard fonts. After the Pantheon Louise created her own studio and learned the Business side on her own by gaining clients but quickly learned that in New York restaurants were the go to in finding clients. One quote that defines Louise Fili is “I believe that every designer has to have personal projects- it’s the only way to grow and find a unique voice. At any given point in time, I’m working on an independent project in the studio and that’s very important to me- it’s what defines me as a designer”. Most designers today are all web based or do most of there designing online. As for Louise she does not use the computer even though designers of her generation are equally technology-challenged. Louise receives her excitement by doing sketches and focusing on the design to not make it look like it was done on the computer. As for future designers Louise believes that designers should combine design with passion or there is not any true reason to be designing.


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