Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 6A

All designers must be knowledgeable in design softwares; especially Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. In class our goal was to make a copy of a document in Indesign by retyping the information and using our own photos that we scanned from a magazine. The document was about image type and the description of each type of image type such as line art, grayscale, duotone, RGB, CMYK, and vector art. The examples of each type was shown by an image that was created in photoshop and the photo was adjusted to the image type. (For example: RGB- red, green, and blue so there were 3 images one red, one green, etc.) All of the images are pixel based expect for the vector art which is completed in Illustrator which is a vector based software.
So far in Digital Theory and Skills we have learned about Illustrator and now for the next few week we will be learning about Photoshop. Lynda.com does a good job of defining Photoshop through their tutorials. Photoshop is used by photographers, designers, videographers and 3D artists who enhance photos or use to create commercial pieces and videos or animations. Photoshop in a few words allows the artists to crop/rotate images, align photos, enhance image quality, create text, special effects, create videos/animations, make 3D objects and enhance effects on film. Those are just a few examples of what Photoshop allows you to do as an artist. Some tools that help designers when looking at images are the zoom tool by pressing z and the hand tool (h) that allows you to grab the document and move it around to the area you which to see.

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